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Miss Argan offers Canadian women 100% natural beauty products.

Our specialty is the argan oil -Cosmetic or Edible- An ancestral beauty secret from Morocco.

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Cosmetic Argan oil

50 ml

Moroccan natural argan oil is a unique serum with instant absorption into hair and skin to create a beautiful shine and long term conditioning. Superior moisturizing and anti-wrinkle properties .
Highly rich in vitamine E. Brings up the softness, smoothness and moisture of the skin. Use as a mosturizer or as a serum before your usual cream.

Its a must ...!!!!

Face – Body – Hair – Nails

Organic – 100 % pure

30$ Regular

Sale 25$






cosmetic argan oil 250ml

Cosmetic Argan oil

250 ml

Nutritious and reconstructive oil
Highly rich in vitamine E.

For the those who like it everywhere !!

Face – Body – Hair – Nails

Organic - 100 % pure

85 $



Cosmetic Argan oil

500 ml

Nutritious and reconstructive oil
Highly rich in vitamine E.

For the addicts!

Face – Body – Hair – Nails

Organic - 100 % pure

130 $

Barbary fig oil (seed)

10 ml

Exceptional oil
Natural anti wrinkle
Tones the skin and makes it firm

Amazing for the eye area !!

Organic - 100 % pure





Ghassoul Soap


Ghassoul is a mineral clay with absorbing propreties. Mixed in a soap with Rosemarius essential oil. Nice to use with the exfolianting glove.Face & Body

Feel clean & smell good !!

15 $


Huile de pépins de figue de barbarie

30 ml

Biologique -100% pure



Crystal nails Files

From Europe made of the best finest bohemian Crystal.

Crystal Nail Files are the best nail files on the market : Prevent chipping and splitting - Easy to wash (water & soap) - will last you a lifetime with loving and proper care - Out-performs cheaper knock-offs - Safe to use on children and baby nails - Are better for your health and the planet - They can be repeatedly washed, boiled or sterilized to ensure a bacteria-free environement.

15 $


Crystal foots scraper

DELUXE From Europe made of the best finest bohemian Crystal

Crystal Files are made of hardened non-porous materials, which does not harbour germs. Extra coarse - extra thick - Keeps your feet smooth as a baby's skin, soft and healthy - Can be used wet or dry without worries about bacteria growing on the surface - Smoothes and exfoliates harden end skin, and removes calluses - For tough to treat feet use Miss Argan argan oil immediately after using your Crystal file ; …You will notice a difference right away.

30 $ Regular

On sale 28$




Exfoliating Glove

Tones the skin, removes impurties and stimulates circulation. This viscose glove is a genuine all-over boby exfoliant requiring neither gel or cream.It may also be used before waxing or aply a self-tanning.

Get a smooth & soft skin !!

16.50 $



Eyebrow tweezer

This tweezer is professionnally crafted with the utmost care in precision filing and alignement.

These stainless steel tweezers are a favorite. Lightweight and extremely precise. The thin slanted tip makes it easy to grab the shortest of hairs. So wheather your just maintaing your brows or transforming them, your mission will be acheived!!






Make up remover wipes

30x wipes

Those Green tea wipes thoroughly removes make-up and waterproof mascara without skin irritation. Leaves skin feeling smooth, fresh, moisturized and completely clean. Light enough for sensitive skin. 
Foil pack allows wipes to stay moist longer and won't dry up quickly.








150 g

Ghassoul is a mineral clay with absorbing properties : naturally removes the sebum. Real ‘lava clay’ Ghassoul is used as a face mask or gentle shampoo.

Gives thin hair volume! **Men

Go all natural...

12 $



Photo : Peter Morneau