Crystal Files


From Europe made with the finest bohemian Crystal

Miss Argan gives you the opportunity to buy the best original Crystal Files on the market  and patented files made of Bohemian Crystal. Produced in Europe, they undergo strict quality control. Unlike many other products, especially paper or metal, the filing surface of your Crystal Nail File, will last you for a very long time. Test results prove that with regular use of your Crystal nail File, you will enjoy less chipping and splitting of your nails. Only with Crystal Nail Files, you can file in both directions without damaging your nails, making it faster and easier to care for your nails. Crystal Files are made of hardened non-porous material, which does not harbour germs. Majority of the production process is done by hand.**For the best results Miss Argan suggest to use the Crystal Fileswith cosmetic argan oil.

Crytal Nails Files

Crystal Nail Files are the best nail files on the market:

  • Prevent chipping and splitting
  • With loving and proper care, will last you a life time
  • Are two sided
  • Out-perform cheaper knock-off
  • Are strong but gentle
  • Are better for your health
  • Are kinder to the planet
  • They can be repeatedly washed, boiled or sterilized to ensure a bacteria-free environement
  • Can be used frontward and backwards making for faster manicure.
  • Can be used on artificial nails.
  • Safe to use on children and baby nails
  • They are suitable for use on very short nails, fragile and damaged nails, as well as for use by    diabetic, cancer patients, and people living whit other health conditions.

First use; you will notice how smooth the tips of your nails have become.Test Results on nails


Crystal Foot Files

Hard skIn scraper;

  • DELUXE -Extra coarse, extra thick
  • Unlike metal tools, keeps yours feet baby smooth, soft and healthy.
  • Unlike pumice stone, can be used wet or dry without worries about bacteria growing on the surface.
  • Smoothes and exfoliates harden end skin, and removes calluses
  • Transform your soles with regular use of our Crystal Foot Files

Pedicure; The Foot File is designed especially to remove hardened and calloused skin from your feet. The best results are achieved by first softening the skin by immersing your feet in hot water or using your foot file directly in your bath or shower.

To maintain baby soft feet, I recommend regular use of your Crystal foot file. For tough to treat feet; use Miss Argan- argan oil immediately after using your Crystal file; …You will notice a difference right away. Please be aware of low quality imitations! Especially developed for treatment of hard and cracked skin on your feet. It is the most considerable yet most effective way to treat it. On the top of that if used regularly, it stops the growth of hard skin

Use; Use on dry, not oiled skin only, until the hard skin disappears and gets smooth again. If the scraper gets filled with the removed skin, wash with water, let dry. Don’t dry with a towel.

Special care for yours Crystal Files;

  • Personal Use; The files are very easy to maintain. Simply wash in water , soapy water
  • (with or without a brush)
  • Professional Use; Can be repeatedly sterilized with either heat (avoid repeated use of extremely high temperatures) Do not sterilize with UV light, the scraper could blunt.

To ensure that you enjoy your Crystal nail file for a very long time, please remember that is a glass product- to make our nail files the most beneficial for your health, we do not add any metal or foreign elements to them. Please do not apply excess pressure, and do not drop on a hard surface. When not using your Crystal File, please keep it in the protective tube or sleeve which is provided to you.

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